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British Telecom


Britain and Mainland Europe

Customer Introduction

British Telecom (Group), referred to as BT, is Britain’s largest operator of telecommunications facility hardware. BT has outlets/offices in 170 countries worldwide; the global revenue in 2006 was approximately USD 39 billion. The turnover of overseas outlets accounted for a third of the Group’s total turnover.

The Cooperative Relationship with AIRSYS

AIRSYS began to participate in BT's selection of global cooling supplier in 2009. Through nearly two years' effort, it won more than 60% of BT's market share by virtue of excellent product quality, technology and cost advantages. It has provided a wide range of energy saving air-conditioning products as well as installation and after-sales service for BT's switchboard rooms and data centers. Currently, the subsidiary of AIRSYS in UK is providing air-conditioning services for major customers including London Underground.

The Cooperation Period


The Business Scale

Total sales amount of Datacool-package and Freecool series unit: > RMB 40,000,000; sales in 2014 will break through RMB 50 million.