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Verizon Wireless


North America

Customer Introduction

Verizon is the largest wireless communications provider and local telephone exchange company in US, as well as the largest printed and online Yellow Pages information provider worldwide. It operates telecommunications and wireless services in global 45 countries including US, Europe, Asia and the Pacific.

The Cooperative Relationship with AIRSYS

AIRSYS began to establish relationship with Verizon Wireless since 2008, participating in the preparation of energy saving standards for new mobile shelters, which became the technical standard for shelter conditioner with outstanding energy saving and technical advantages after several product field tests.
Since then, AIRSYS has successively won other major telecommunications and IT customers including AT&T.

The Cooperation Period
The Business Scale
Total sales volume of Mobilecool series unit: > 3000;
total sales amount: > RMB 60,000,000; forecast sales in 2014 will break through 3000 sets.